Today’s IG Markets Square Mile Challenge

Posted Nov 26, 2010 at 08:41 PM

If you were following our live tweets from the IG Markets Square Mile Challenge held today in London’s Broadgate, you’ll know everything was going as expected until about 1.00pm. The four Team Sky riders were doing a great job of taking on all-comers and keeping the crowd entertained. They even took it on the chin when the amateurs managed to get the better of the professionals in a few of the races.

Then, at 1.00pm one of the amateur riders collapsed mid-race. Obviously everything stopped as medical help was called in immediately to check on the condition of the participant.

Paramedics confirmed his condition was very serious, which immediately changed all priorities. The rest of the day’s racing was cancelled. Everyone’s attention was upon his well-being, and as quickly as possible he was taken from Broadgate to a local hospital.

Unfortunately, at this time, we have no further news to report. Right now, everyone’s priority is for the rider and his family. All our thoughts and best wishes are with him.

Latest at: 01.12.10

We would have hoped to give you an update on the condition of the rider by now but unfortunately aren’t in a position to do so. Just to explain, in this sort of situation the hospital’s first priority is the privacy of the rider, so understandably information is only shared with the rider and their family members. As and when we have any information that can be shared, we’ll add it this post.