Wattbikes at Sportive Pulse 2011

Posted in Blog Post, News, Event by Alex Skelton on Feb 28, 2011

Sunday 13th March 2011 will see the Wattbikes making an appearance at the Sportive Pulse 2011. The event will be run from Duncton on the South Downs to give sportive riders a pre season boost with the opportunity to ride two separate courses encompassing everything a rider needs for some tailored preparation for the 2011 season. The two rides, a 50km loop and a 25km loop both include some great scenery with the 50km route including more of the South Down’s climbs.

Wattbike will be there in a supporting role, giving riders the chance to learn about pedalling effectiveness, and also to hear one of the two presentations by Wattbike Sport Scientist Eddie Fletcher who will be talking about Pedalling Effectiveness and Monitoring Training in the first session and will focus on bike set up and the impact that has on your performance in the second. Gary will also be on hand to ensure that there is someone to introduce people to the Wattbike even when Eddie is speaking.

For more on the Sportive Pulse 2011 please see their website at http://southernsportive.com/.