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Posted in Blog Post, News by Alex Skelton on Mar 05, 2011

Well, actually it is not really us, it is Metia, on our behalf. Here is the post that they are advertising on their site…

Social media manager; sports and fitness fanatic

Are you passionate about sport and personal fitness? Are you literate? Are you digitally capable?

Then this opportunity with Metia London could be the best job in the world, for you.

  • When we say passionate about sport we mean doing it… so not just watching sport from the sofa, or talking about it in the pub but getting out there, getting sweaty, and training hard to achieve a goal.
  • When we say literate… you can read and write (old school), express your point of view coherently and articulately, without needing to commission a writer to create it, or an editor to check it.
  • When we say digitally capable… you are into the creation and curation of social media content, that means more than just having been to Facebook but being active in using, participating in, and creating content for social channels. Metia is working with Wattbike, the planet’s most exciting innovation in training and fitness (ok, we are excited). We help them with their social media strategy, digital marketing and traditional PR outreach. Now we need a dedicated resource to gather all the great stories from Wattbike and its customers, and turn all that goodness into compelling content for their various digital channels (and for traditional press release type stuff too).

What does a normal month as Mr or Ms Wattbike look like?

You may well visit a Premier League football club who use the bikes for rehab; be blogging about a Rugby League team who train on the bikes; pitch up at a Triathlon exhibition to meet the public trying out peak power tests; be tweeting with a pro-cyclist about their fitness regime; video a customer training for the Marathon des Sables and upload it to the Youtube channel; edit a sports scientist’s copy into something we can all understand. And there’s a traditional PR element to the role too, so product launches and PR to the health and fitness media.

All of which means huge variety but also needs initiative to make the most of all these stories.

The role is based in Metia London within our Social team. There’ll be lots of digital expertise sitting alongside you for help, advice and to bounce your ideas off. You’ll report to one of our Social Media Consultants, and work with him and one of our founders on the Wattbike account.

In terms of location, you’ll need to build a close relationship with the Wattbike crew, who are based in Nottingham. You’ll need to travel to meet them, their customers and attend events around the country.

Checkout what Wattbike are about at their website, read their blog, or follow them on Twitter as @Wattbike

If that appeals get in touch via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

If it sounds like your perfect job, then you might be perfect for us too.