Wigan Warriors vs. Wattbike

Posted in Blog Post by Alex Skelton on Feb 08, 2011

Having seen off the challenges of Warrington only a few hours before, I was expecting the drive to the Wigan Warriors training pitch and gym to be a tour of the venue and a here is where the guys use the Wattbikes, thanks for coming get back not the motorway. Wow, was I wrong. When we arrived the team who had played the night before were doing a recovery session in the pool (offsite) so their training venue seemed a bit quiet, that was until the three players who are currently out of action with injuries arrived for their session. It was ten times one minute flat out, with one minute rest between intervals - hard!

The three guys for the session were Pat Richards (@patrichards5), Eammon O’Carroll (@freddyocarroll) and Martin Gleeson, and wow were we not popular. It is safe to say that those guys were not looking forward to the session, one of the bikes had even had a bit of tape stuck over the logo with SPU written on it - that is spew to those outside of Wigan apparently. We thought it was a joke, but by set nine, it had earned it’s name.

We see a lot of athletes training on the bike, but none make it look quite as small as Pat Richards did and I cannot think of a session that was done harder from start to finish that that session.

While we were there Michael Maguire (head coach) even came out to see us, and find out how he could set up his own interval sessions on the bike - and from what I hear, he leads by example going at everything as he expects his players to - hard!

The team arrived just as we were packing up, so we had a few 100m races for the guys, and you will not be surprised to hear that there were some impressive peak powers to come out of those.

Whilst the team were reviewing the footage of their game we got a chance to catch up with Mark Bitcon, Head of Sport Science to hear about how they use the bikes, and to talk training in general. We shot some video of our trip which we will post as soon as it has been edited. We will be following their progress over the next few months and try and visit them every month for an update, so watch this space.