Alex Skelton

Is it still the SpuBike?

Posted in Interviews by Alex Skelton on Jun 28, 2011

Normally we try really hard to push the Wattbike brand wherever we go, but after visiting Wigan Warriors earlier in the year and finding out that they call their Wattbike the SpuBike (that, apparently is the local spelling of Spew!) we wanted to find out what progress had been made.

We weren’t disappointed by the news from Mark Bitcon, Head of Sport Science for the Warriors, who has created a pack of cards, each with a Wattbike session on. The players have to choose a card, complete the session then discard that session, so that each of the sessions gets done in rotation, but the order is chosen at random. This has provided a bit of excitement before each session as the players find out what they are doing, but as Mark says, the sessions are all just as hard, so no matter what session the player picks he is in for a tough workout.

We took a video of Mark talking about how they are using the Wattbike in Wigan, we will try and get those sessions and post them on the site so that everyone can have a go at them. Watch this space!