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이 얘기 좀 들어보세요

Posted by Alex Skelton on Oct 05, 2011

이 얘기 좀 들어보세요

우리는 지난 주에 몇 번 정도 언론에 보도된 적이 있는데요. 맨 처음 것이 선수들 사이에서 아주 끝내주는 장비라는…

We’ve been in the press a few times over the last week. First up was a nice feature in Athletics Weekly focusing on GB 800m athlete Jenny Meadows’ use of the Wattbike for cross-training, they called The Secret Weapon. Not so secret now!

Jenny is using her Wattbike all year round and although, by her own admission, she had a disappointing World Championships, she finished the season off in style by coming third in the Zurich meeting (video below) and winning the overall Diamond Race which comes with a nice cheque! Well done Jenny and we look forward to catching up with you very soon.

We’ll also be visiting Jenny’s hometown friends at Wigan Warriors to see what’s in store for their players after a season in which they won the Challenge Cup on their first visit to Wembley in more than a decade. They fell short in the Super League playoffs and we know they are disappointed but not many can argue with the fantastic entertainment they’ve put on for fans throughout the League.

Jennifer Meadows Wins Diamond League 800m - from Universal Sport

Wattbike was also mentioned by Tom Peck of The Independent as he was sent to Cycle Show 2011 to learn how to ride a bike at the age of 29 and 2/3rds years old. Tom took it all in his stride and started the day by jumping on a Wattbike to learn all about good pedalling technique. After a great session with Eddie Fletcher, Tom then moved on to the Cycle Show’s excellent outdoor track and managed to complete a few metres entirely unaided. Mission accomplished! Tom’s review of his cycling day can be read on The Independent website while his immediate thoughts on the day can be seen in the video below.