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Sarah Adams

Lucy Gossage Shares Her ‘Smashfest’ Wattbike Session

Posted by Sarah Adams about 1 week ago

By Wattbike ambassador and top triathlete Lucy Gossage. Once a week I run a Wattbike class at Ethos hot yoga in Cambridge. If I’m honest, every Friday afternoon my heart sinks at the thought of doing this. I’ve usually done a big session myself earlier in the day and generally feel much more like sitting on the sofa like a sloth than cycling into town to watch other people cycling. Yet… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

The Most Memorable Battles of the Tour de France

Posted by Sarah Adams about 2 weeks ago

As the Tour de France competition hots up and Chris Froome fights to hold on to the Yellow Jersey, we wanted to take a look back at the most iconic battles of the past 30 years. We surveyed 1,396 British cyclists who shared their thoughts on the most memorable battles of the recent tours. Bradley Wiggins vs Chris Froome Being a British survey, Bradley Wiggins vs Chris Froome (2012) received the biggest… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Iconic Climbs of the Tour de France - Which is Your Favourite?

Posted by Tom Crampton about 2 weeks ago

With the climbing stages of the Tour de France about to take hold, we thought it would only be right to gather the thoughts of British cyclists on the most iconic climbs from Tour de France history. As part of our research we surveyed 1,396 cyclists who shared their thoughts on the most iconic and most coveted climbs of the recent tours. The findings Alpe d’Huez holds the top spot for most iconic… Read full post Read full post

Have you been inspired by Chirs Froome's performance during the Stage 9 Time Trial section of the Tour de France? In this video, our ambassador and top time triallist Matt Bottrill shares his top five tips on how to train for time trials: Now you know the tricks and techniques the pro's use to optimise their time trial performance, it's time for you to get started. If you've not tried… Read full post Read full post

With a number of cobbled sections in stage four of the 2015 Tour de France, we thought it would be fitting to get the views of a pro cyclist on how best to train for the killer cobbles. Written by Ian Richards, pro cyclist for Baby Dump cycling team: Training for cobbles isn't much different than any other type of training, plus you can train for cobbled races without actually training on cobbles.… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

Wattbike is the Single Thing that has Helped Turn My Fitness Around

Posted in Case Studies, Testimonials by Sarah Adams on Jun 25, 2015

We love hearing how our customers are using the Wattbike to achieve their goals and become fitter and faster. It brought a huge smile to our face when recent customer Euan Goodman got in touch to tell us how the Wattbike has transformed his fitness and wellbeing. Q - Tell us a bit about yourself and your sporting background I’m a 35 year old MD of a kitchen manufacturing business in Suffolk,… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Cycling Testing

Posted by Sarah Adams on Jun 17, 2015

In years gone by, cycling testing has been reserved for sport science laboratories, where a qualified sport scientist is on hand to tell you every single detail about your ride. But, as an amateur cyclist, you may have little opportunity to visit a sport science facility, which means you could be missing out on essential information which could help you implement a more effective training plan. We’ve… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

Race Report: Bottrill Takes UCI Amateur National TT

Posted by Sarah Adams on Jun 08, 2015

This weekend, Wattbike ambassador Matt Bottrill won the Men’s Time Trial event at the Tour of Cambridge, read on for his full race report. ----- This weekend I took part in the Tour of Cambridge amateur national time trial event. This is a new event that's been added to the UK calendar, which gives all different age categories the chance to qualify for the amateur world championships in Denmark… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

How the Wattbike Helped Me Win Every Vet 40 Race This Season

Posted by Tom Crampton on Jun 04, 2015

Today we’re pleased to welcome our regular guest blogger Duncan Shea-Simonds to the blog. We’ve been following Duncan and his wife Claire on their road to Kona for a couple of years now, take a look at their previous blogs here. ----- With some pretty hefty, long distance goals coming late in the 2015 season, Claire and I have both decided to mix our season up a bit this year. The plan… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

How the Amateur Cyclist Can Use Power to Enhance Performance

Posted by Tom Crampton on Jun 02, 2015

Training with power used to be strictly for the professionals, but now with power meter and indoor trainers like the Wattbike becoming more affordable, amateur cyclists can now benefit from this elite training experience. Read on to find out how training with power can enhance your performance, plus some hints and tips to get you started. What is power? Power (Watts) measures your output of effort… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

How to Get Back on Form After Setbacks

Posted by Sarah Adams on May 16, 2015

In this guest blog from pro cyclist Ian Richards, we learn how the pro’s get back on track after inevitable setbacks in training. What can I say about the last few months? Well they haven't gone to plan. Crashes, sickness and injury is all I'll say, but the next part of my season is straight ahead of me and I'm ready to take it by the horns. While I was off the bike for a long time… Read full post Read full post

With work and family commitments to consider and a busy summer cycling season ahead, it’s easy to spend every spare second you have training. There are, however, two very important aspects of any training plan - rest and recovery. What is rest and recovery? Simply put, rest is a period of time spent doing very little or no physical exertion. Recovery, on the other hand, is more complex as it’s… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

The Wattbike Became My Best Exercise Friend

Posted in Testimonials by Tom Crampton on Apr 29, 2015

The Wattbike is often loved by time crunched cyclists with high ambitions but little time to train due to work and family commitments. In this guest blog, Nerys Blue explains how the Wattbike has become the perfect training partner in her busy life. My name is Nerys Blue I am a wife, mum to Harri and Macy (3 and 5), a full time PE teacher at a local secondary school and a member of the GB Women’s… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Mastering the Art of the Warm Up with Dean Downing

Posted by Tom Crampton on Apr 23, 2015

The all important warm up is a fine art that brings many benefits when you get it right. In today’s guest blog, written by Dean Downing, we explore the art of warm up, plus Dean shares his Crit race warm up: When it comes to warming up, failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Whether you're planning a session on the Wattbike, a road race, time trial or Criterium, warming up should always… Read full post Read full post

Today we welcome Dave Macutkiewicz, physiologist to the British Sailing Team, to the blog: Think sailing and you might not automatically think of cycling, in fact some people would presume that our sailors spend most of the time training on the water. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact we spend a lot of time training indoors on dry land, and the Wattbike forms an instrumental… Read full post Read full post