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Sarah Adams

Pro Cyclist Ian Richards Shares His Top Training Session

Posted by Sarah Adams about 2 days ago

Today on the blog we welcome Ian Richards, a pro cyclist currently riding for Baby Dump continental team. He’s even provided a short training session to help you get ready for the upcoming season. Having spent just under a month back home in Australia in December, I headed back for my fifth year in the Netherlands and my first year as a pro, exciting! Of course the biggest change for me is no… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

Connecting to Wattbike powerapp using Bluetooth Technology

Posted by Sarah Adams about 3 days ago

The Wattbike powerapp for iOS and Android currently connects to the Wattbike monitor via ANT+, which is integrated into a wide range of Android smartphones and is available on iOS by using a dongle. However, due to the limitations of ANT you will not be able to receive the all the features of the Wattbike powerapp, most noteably the Polar View. If you want to view Polar View data on your app and then… Read full post Read full post

We have one place to give away on the unique and exclusive Sufferfest National Team Training Camp for one lucky Wattbike customer. The camp promises to be an epic adventure, not least because it is taking place right at the heart of cycling at the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland. During the six day spectacle from 14th to 20th June 2015, you’ll experience life as a national team… Read full post Read full post

Andy McCorkell

An exclusive first look at Wattbike powerapp and powerhub

Posted by Andy McCorkell about 1 week ago

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or you’ve clocked us at the FIBO exhibition in Germany, you will have already seen a sneak peek of our latest innovations, the powerapp and powerhub. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the powerapp is available to download from Google Play and iOS. Train, upload, analyse, share Train powerapp is sure to transform the way you train on a Wattbike.… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Thrills and Spills in Dean Downing’s South African Adventure

Posted in Events by Tom Crampton about 2 weeks ago

Today we welcome Wattbike ambassador Dean Downing to the blog, who talks about his recent adventure to South Africa to take part in HotChillee's Cape Rouleur and the infamous Argus: Earlier this year I had a phone call from HotChillee events asking me to kick off my ambassador role with them in South Africa at the Cape Rouleur. I’d be riding a four day, multi stage event, riding with different… Read full post Read full post

Richard Baker

Our Favourite Indoor Cycling Studios from Across the Globe

Posted by Richard Baker about 3 weeks ago

Indoor cycling and ‘spinning’ classes have taken over the fitness industry in recent years, but now, athletes, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts are demanding more than flashing lights and pumping beats during their session. In an effort to meet the needs of the fitness industry, we’ve recently seen a number of gyms and studios emerging with a different type of indoor cycling class.… Read full post Read full post

As the days get longer and the warmer weather means you can get out on the open road, you’re sure to start thinking about the upcoming race season, whatever that means for you. That’s why we’ve put together the pre-season preparation series, where Wattbike experts and ambassadors offer advice on how to prepare for your upcoming event. This week, we’re all about road racing.… Read full post Read full post

Richard Baker

Tamara Taylor Announced as Wattbike Ambassador

Posted by Richard Baker on Mar 24, 2015

Today we're pleased to announce that England Rugby captain Tamara Taylor has come on board as our latest Wattbike ambassador. As well as being an athlete at the top of her game, Tamara works full time and uses the Wattbike to make her training as time efficient as possible. She explains: "I’m still working full time whilst trying to train and compete at the highest level, so the Wattbike… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Derby Arena Opens the Largest Wattbike Studio in the UK

Posted in Events by Tom Crampton on Mar 23, 2015

Last week saw the launch of the largest Wattbike studio in the UK at the newly opened Derby Arena. This state of the art facility boasts 31 Wattbikes in total as well as a velodrome, gym and a multi-sport area in track centre. The Wattbike studio holds 29 Wattbikes, making it the largest in the UK, and will be running Power Cycling classes throughout the week. Be sure to join us this weekend (28th… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Porsche Human Performance use Wattbike to Build Race Fitness

Posted by Tom Crampton on Mar 23, 2015

Our friends at Porsche Human Performance know that racing drivers constantly push themselves to the limit, that’s why both physical and mental fitness are a key part of the game. In this video, Mark Webber is joined by drivers from all disciplines to explain the importance of fitness and how they’re getting race fit for 2015. As cardio is a key aspect of race fitness, you may spot the Wattbike… Read full post Read full post

Are you a seasoned cyclist or practiced triathlete looking for a way to track your progress ahead of your next race? The 20 minute test could be just the ticket. Wattbike Ambassador and Ironman triathlete Lucy Gossage is here to explain why you’d want to complete a 20 minute test: The 20 minute test is a killer, it is conducted at 75-80% of maximum minute power and measures improvement in sustaining… Read full post Read full post

In December we told you about our partnership with the epic event Le Tour - One Day Ahead (read the blog here). Le Tour will see former England footballer Geoff Thomas and 20 "amateur" riders take on the entire Tour de France route, one day ahead of the professionals, to raise £1,000,000 for Cure Leukaemia. With seven riders now signed up for the challenge, Geoff and the team met Professor Charlie… Read full post Read full post

Sarah Adams

Pre-season Preparation Series: The 10 Mile Time Trial

Posted by Sarah Adams on Mar 05, 2015

Spring marks the start of one important season for many amateur cyclists, the 10 mile club time trial. If you plan to be one of the lycra-clad cyclists going hell for leather along the nearest A road this summer, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together some all-important preparation tips to help you beat your 2014 personal best. 1. Have a plan Even if you cycle regularly, a time… Read full post Read full post

Pedalling technique is a vital element of cycling. It can affect how your bike handles, your power output, your risk of injury and ultimately your speed. So, when was the last time you really thought about how you pedal? Pedalling technique is difficult to gauge as you can’t see what you’re doing. Most cyclists simply think the cranks are fixed so your feet just go round right? Wrong. The… Read full post Read full post

Tom Crampton

Use Live Training Zones to Make Your Goals a Reality

Posted by Tom Crampton on Feb 27, 2015

Whether your goal for 2015 is completing your first sportive, winning your local time trial champs or taking on an epic challenge ride, live training zones can help you in achieving your goal. Training zones make training extra efficient as they ensure you’re riding at the exact intensity that’s right for you. If you own or use a Wattbike you can also take advantage of the live training… Read full post Read full post