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After training on a Wattbike for 18 months I have a greater “feel” for what my legs are doing

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 26, 2012

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Great feedback on Facebook last week after we posted some links to info on how to improve your pedal technique on a Wattbike.

First to respond was Ryan Scott, he's been training on a Wattbike for 18 months and commented: "This is going to sound odd, but after training on a Wattbike for 18 months I believe I have a greater "feel" for what my legs are doing when riding on the road."

"Much has been written about mountain bikers having the ability to spin there legs better than roadies and also about the importance of cadence in efficient cycling but having actually seen what your pedal stroke looks like is worth so much more. I have often warmed up on the Wattbike before heading out on the road and having seen what my pedal stroke looks like and felt like prior to riding really helps. I'm a believer!"

Great feedback from Ryan and the most satisfying part of it is that he's getting the benefits of his training on a Wattbike out on the road.

We also got some feedback from Peeps Leino (pictured above) who told us: "Same here! I've used WB only for about 2 months (one or two 1-1.5 hour sessions in a week) and I can "feel" now when my legs are not doing all the work that they should, outside on a road bike. In that sense I'm looking forward to autumn again, to start using it more often."

Love these stories, if you want to leave us your experience of how training on a Wattbike has helped you improve your on-road performance then leave us a comment below or on the Facebook post.  And if you want to Buy or Hire a Wattbike then there's no better time to do it, take a look at our Wattbike Shop.

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