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An Indoor Sprint Session with Cav and Three Legs Cycling

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 09, 2012

Cavendish Three Legs Cycling Wattbike

Sometimes we need just that extra bit of motivation to do a Wattbike session so last night I tried out one of the offerings from Three Legs Cycling, which features none other than World Champion Mark Cavendish.  Naturally, I decided on the 'Sprinting' DVD, which is an hour's session including a warm-up and cool down.

The warm-up involved increasing gearing at a constant cadence in order to bring the heart rate up to a level ready for the short but very hard sprint efforts to come.  There were some well-timed and much-needed(!) rest periods within the session and I found these a great time to focus on technique using the Wattbike's Polar View.

The sprint efforts came thick and fast and I'm happy to say that I did have a couple of things in common with Cav during the session, we were both working incredibly hard and sweating in equal measures!

What really stood out was the pace of the session and the interaction between the on-screen participants - they really provided some good humoured motivation - I think my favourite quote is 'If it was easy, footballers would be doing it'.

Wattbike Matt Three Legs Cycling Polar Veiw

After the session I looked at the data via Wattbike Expert Software and it was quickly obvious that I'd had a great session - some nice peaks on HR, cadence and power and pretty good technique during the specificed efforts.

Three Legs Cycling offer a range of indoor training DVDs including Sprinting, Road Race, Time Trial, Climbing and Women's Road Race - all can be found at


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