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Author Chris Cleave visits Wattbike Sport Science Lab

Posted by Matt Moran on May 02, 2012

Chris Cleave Cycling Wattbike Eddie Fletcher

Last week we had author Chris Cleave at our Sport Science Lab to give him the lowdown on the history of the Wattbike, from its roots as an elite training and testing tool developed in partnership with British Cycling through to its uses by pretty much every sport.

Chris is taking part in The London-Paris in June and is currently being coached by M1 Performance run by HotChillee Ride Captain Jay McStay, who uses the Wattbike as his primary testing tool.  With Chris being no stranger to the Wattbike, Eddie worked him through a 20 min cadence-based warm-up and it's clear that even though he's has only been taking his cycling seriously in the last 18 months, he is in very good condition.

Chris Cleave Wattbike

Eddie also took Chris through some examples to show the physiological effects of producing the same power at various gears/cadence to illustrate the importance of choosing the correct gearing when cycling.

Chris' enthusiasm for cycling is obvious from the moment you meet him, he's currently writing a book about his experiences of cycling culture over the last 18 months, the people he's met, the places he's been and above all getting under the skin of why we all love cycling so much.  The book is due for publication in 2013 but in the meantime you can check out Chris' new book 'Gold' which is due for publication next month on his website.

A great day and we look forward to seeing Chris on The London-Paris along with all of the other participants.

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