Matt Moran

Behind the Scenes at AIS Training Camp

Posted by Matt Moran on Dec 15, 2011

We're always on the lookout for where Wattbike is popping up on the web and we came across this great insight into an Australian Institue of Sport selection camp.  It's written by Lisa Jacobs, who competes on the road in Europe.  It's clear from Lisa's great blog post that the athletes are pushed, pushed again and then pushed a little but more.  This pushing is not just physical either, mental toughness is tested to the limit on this 10-day camp.

Lisa has posted a great images of the Wattbikes in what she calls the 'AIS Vomitorium' - it's not the first time that Australian elite riders have made a connection between vomiting and the Wattbike.

Enjoy this great read at

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