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Ever ridden a Wattbike in front of 26,000 people?

Posted by Matt Moran on May 12, 2011

Ever ridden a Wattbike in front of 26,000 people?

Ipswich Town Football Club recently teamed up with Ipswich Borough Council and British Cycling to encourage supporters to 'Ride to the Match' for the Championship home game against Crystal Palace. Fans were offered a range of incentives to encourage them to cycle to the match including free match tickets and the chance to take part in a Wattbike challenge.

Now, we've been to some big events but we're not sure we've ever ridden a Wattbike in front of 26,000 people! That's exactly what 4 lucky supporters did at half-time, each one representing their 'stand'. With plenty of vocal support from all four sides of the Portman Road stadium, the Wattbike challenge participants gave it their all as they battled it out to win a new Raleigh road bike, a British Cycling National jersey (signed and presented by Hugo Robinson – National Junior Cross Champion) and a range of other prizes.

Mat Cork, British Cycling Recreation Manager, said; "We are pleased to support activities across Ipswich that help more people have fun on a bike. From ride to the match, to an exciting summer of Ipswich based events including a brand new local led-ride programme there is something for everyone." For more information see the full Ipswich Cycling Programme.

So tell us, have you ever ridden a Wattbike in front of more than 26,000 people?

© Photo: Mat Cork - British Cycling


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