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It’s quality not quantity Watt counts!

Posted by Matt Moran on May 16, 2012

Simon Vincent Body Bullet Wattbike

Simon Vincent runs a coaching consultancy and uses the Wattbike not only with his own clients but also for his fitness and cycling endeavours.  When you read of the results Simon has been acheiving personally on the Wattbike it makes for very interesting reading and validates our mantra of 'Train Less, Ride Faster.' Simon is a big advocate of the Wattbike so we'll let him give you the lowdown on how he's been using it...

Having put almost 35 clients (primarily cyclists) through pedalling analysis, correction of technique and the pain of max watts/true HRM tests on the Wattbike, my experience and ability to take someone with poor pedalling technique and get them improved by up to 25% before they leave is really starting to pay dividends.  My business,, is based in South Wales, just 4 miles from the Brecon Beacons National Park, surrounding by some of the best cycling roads anywhere in the UK.

My business has grown totally organically since November 2011 and now sees me privileged enough to get visited by many local clients as well as more and more from England, to go through a complete physiological spectrum of performance tests that involve so much more than just cycling power or FTP.  See for a recent appraisal of my services.

My whole business ethos is based around “great cycling being about so much more than just cycling” and to date common weaknesses that occur time and again with clients are the ones that a lot of “old school” types just don’t recognise; these include core instability, nutrition deficiencies, dehydration, coronal strength imbalances and shocking flexibility to name just a few. My biggest bug bear of all though has to be the mantel that weights make you bulky and slow – Lance Armstrong anyone?

With my business growing so quickly and other demands upon my time such as a young family, study and assisting a local diabetes charity with its nutrition guidance, the availability of training time for myself over the last 5 months has fallen to around 8 hours per  week maximum, many weeks less.

An invite to ride the Forest of Dean sportive on the 6th of May 2012 with a small local club would, having never ridden more than 50 miles in a single ride, demonstrate if my body could cope on such little volume of training.

92 miles completed and although my back was a little sore after 8 hours in the saddle, I felt great.  My Garmin gave me a ride time of 6hrs 38 mins which proved what I could have achieved if not waiting for the others at the top of each hill, and riding alongside them on the flat, which was not a problem as we had agreed to ride together and it was a great day. Best of all though, despite pushing up every hill to a level just below Lactate Threshold my average heart rate for the entire ride was just 124 bpm.

All this achieved in just 3 hours a week of structured controlled sessions on the Wattbike, 1 X 3 hour road ride (when dry weather permited) and 2 X 1 hour cycling specific strength and conditioning sessions.

Therefore anyone contemplating a long distance Sportive but worrying that their body just will not cope due to a lack of time in the saddle, should have faith that combining amazing equipment such as the Wattbike with the right level of full body conditioning, nutrition and structured recovery, will be able to do themselves credit through “training smarter and not longer”.

Many of my professional business clients simply do not have the time to dedicate to high volume hours in the saddle due to their huge work commitments, so this is where my extensive experience, combined with the Wattbike, proves to be a winning combination for them.

If you're looking to set up your own coaching business or want to add value to your existing coaching business with a Wattbike then please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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