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Joanna Rowsell: Having a Wattbike has completely revolutionised my training sessions!

Posted by Matt Moran on Feb 03, 2013

Joanna RowsellTowards the end of 2012 we were privileged to welcome Joanna Rowsell to the Wattbike stand at the Cycle Show in Birmingham, just a few weeks after her Olympic Gold Medal triumph as part of the all-dominating Great Britain women's team pursuit. We had a great chat with Joanna about her training and what it takes to be Olympic Champion, World Record Holder and a multiple World Champion.

Joanna has recently started to incorporate regular Wattbike sessions into her training as she begins a new adventure with pro women's road team Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling. She also has sent us this fantastic update about why she likes her Wattbike so much, especially useful if you are considering purchasing your next piece of indoor training kit or are looking to replace your traditional turbo trainer with a Wattbike.

Here's what Joanna had to say:-

I've been lucky enough to start using a Wattbike as part of my training recently. I have always been a fan of indoor trainers because of the high quality sessions that can be done, and as a track rider these types of sessions were a very important part of my Olympic preparation.

However, as most cyclists will know going on a turbo trainer is not a particularly enjoyable experience, but for me having a Wattbike has completely revolutionised my training sessions!

Rather than talk about the scientific things, here are some of the more day to day advantages of the Wattbike instead of a turbo trainer which hopefully most cyclists will be able to relate to:

  • Tyre issues – riding my race tyres on the turbo will definitely ruin them, but the alternative is to sit in the garage before and after each session swapping to an old tyre. Some people may have a separate turbo wheel but as I have previously used my powertap for indoor sessions that would mean having to do a session with no data.
  • Setup – no matter how hard I try, with a combination of books, bricks and folded up bits of cardboard, I still always seem to be sat wonky when I put my bike on a turbo. The Wattbike is study and stable, perfect for putting out some big power!
  • Gear selection – once finally set up, albeit at an odd angle, it can be hard to find the correct gear for my efforts. This usually means getting off the turbo and adjusting the resistance at the back before getting on and trying again.
  • Jumping gears – at last having found the appropriate gear, my luck is that this is usually the one and only gear that is jumping! 
  • Finishing the session - finally upon finishing the session and in my haste to get off, I usually end up with oil all over my right calf...

Fortunately all these issues are nicely solved with the Wattbike. It is set up and ready to go with no mess or oil, so perfect for keeping in the house if you want to, or the conservatory in my case. All the data I could possibly want is at my fingertips and the fan and magnetic resistance options make it easy to do the specific sessions I want to do.

Thanks so much to Joanna for explaining why she has chosen to train on a Wattbike indoors over her old turbo trainer. We are hearing these reasons more and more when asking people why they have switched to training on a Wattbike.

It's time for you to join the Wattbike revolution.

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