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King of the Hill

Posted by Tom Crampton on Apr 03, 2012

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Thankfully, the hours of daylight are gradually stretching out, allowing me to get on my road bike and do a bit more training in the evenings after work. Until now I 've been surviving solely on the Wattbike for my cycling, but today I rode to work and last Sunday I managed to get out with a friend for a couple of hours.

The first thing I noticed on Sunday was how great I felt, especially on the hills. I've been riding with this particular friend for a while and previously I've spent most of the uphill sections staring at his back wheel as it slowly moved away from me, but not any more!

I decided to attack the first hill and put into practice the technique I have been working on with the help of the Polar View along with the tips about cadence and gearing I got from the Training Guide. It’s not a mountain by any stretch of the imagination but normally I would quickly be up out of the saddle and really out of breath at the top. This time would be different.

I stayed in the saddle the whole way up, spun my legs and dropped my gears. I was amazed at how different my legs and lungs felt at the top. I looked back for my friend and he was nowhere to be seen. For the first time EVER, I dropped him! His first question when he caught me up was “what have you been doing this winter?” There was only one answer, “Wattbike.”

I have been concentrating hard over the last few months whilst training on the Wattbike on keeping my cadence high and adopting good pedalling technique and despite not having the Polar View to guide me on my road bike, my legs knew what they should be doing.

I‘m going to continue with two Wattbike sessions per week so I can keep improving my technique (I’m still a peanut and occasional sausage) but also to ensure I am training at the right intensity. I established my heart rate and power zones earlier in the year so I’ll use the Performance Computer to monitor the data whilst on the Wattbike. When combined with a couple of either early morning or evening rides and a long ride at the weekend I think I’ll be in pretty good shape for the Right To Play ride in June.

ps. I've just heard that Omega Pharma-Quickstep rider Matt Brammeier is also riding the Right to Play ride, so why not join us by registering here.


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