Matt Moran

Newcastle Falcons take on the Wattbike

Posted by Matt Moran on Jul 14, 2011

Newcastle Falcons take on the Wattbike Last week we took a trip to up to [Newcastle Falcons]( rugby union club, who play in the top-tier Aviva Premiership, to drop off four Wattbikes to assist them with their preparations for the 2011-12 season which begins in September. The Falcons have a great stadium just outside Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre and we were warmly greeted by Nick Mather from the Corporate team and Andy Smith, Falcons' Head of Strength and Conditioning. Andy had heard about the Wattbike from [Mark Bitcon at Wigan Warriors rugby league club]( and wanted to ensure his players benefited from using the world’s leading indoor cycle trainer. The players were just coming back from a lunch break and couldn’t resist jumping on the bikes to see what power they could put out. My colleague Steve talked them through the basics of how to use the bike and the kind of technique they should be looking for on the Polar View while Andy was trying to reign in the players’ enthusiasm for repeated peak power tests! The Falcons players kept asking us what the Wigan Warriors players’ numbers were but we kept tight lipped on that! Over to you Mark at Wigan Warriors if you want to create some inter-rugby code rivalry! Andy talked to us about the kind of sessions he'd be doing with the players and how it would fit into their wider pre-season preparations. He highlighted how the Wattbike would be very useful for some of the bigger players who struggle with lengthy running sessions due to the sheer size of their bodies. Some of the guys we met are a far cry from the cyclists we usually come into contact with! It was really cool to see the enthusiasm generated amongst the players and Andy was already coming up with ideas about how to motivate the players using the Wattbike for training. We shot some video while we were there and we'll upload this to the blog soon; we’ll also be visiting the Falcons later in the year once the season starts to see how they are getting on. Meanwhile check out some photos from the day on our Flickr stream below including players Joe Graham, Matt Thompson, James Fitzpatrick and Radford Pennycook.


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