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Paralympic Cyclist Simon Richardson turns the pedals again with Wattbike

Posted by Matt Moran on Feb 08, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to South Wales to meet up with Simon Richardson.  Regular readers of the blog will be familiar with Simon, he won two Gold and a Silver medal at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and is currently on the road to recovery from a second serious collision whilst he was out training on his bike.

I will leave Simon to explain what happened in the video above, where he also talks about the extensive rehabilitation he's undergoing and his plans for the future.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Simon after talking on the phone and exchanging many emails since last Autumn, I couldn't have had a better welcome than some great coffee and a selection of cakes (I'd arrived early and Simon's wife Amanda was in the process of baking me a cake, to ensure I didn't miss out she'd made an emergency trip to the shops to buy some - now that's what I call hospitality!).

I'd envisaged that we 'd have a chat and do the interview as Simon sat in bed, I'd then finish my coffee and be on my way North - however, Simon was failry insistent on getting some footage of him on the Wattbike!  One thing that isn't broken is Simon's enthusiasm and determination (and his cycling technique - we see lots of elite cyclists and they just have this natural look on a bike - hard to explain - and Simon was right there, back in the saddle with a smile on his face).

Since the interview he's had his body brace removed which means that he can ride more comfortably on the Wattbike, slowly increasing from the 10 minute sessions he initially started with but now in a less upright position and with less restriction on his lungs.  It's clear that Simon has had enormous support from the cycling community and a number of key partners in particular, not ony Wattbike but also Onix Bikes, Bikefood, POWERbreathe, Lake shoes and Brother UK.

We're proud to be supporting Simon on his road to recovery.

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