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Pro Ironman Triathlete Bethan Fowler looks forward to 2013

Posted by Tom Crampton on Feb 11, 2013

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A new face to the Wattbike blog is Pro Ironman Triathlete, Bethan Fowler from Wales. Having recently been awarded her license to compete at Pro level for a second season, Bethan has been training hard on her Wattbike over the winter months.

As an introduction to the Wattbike community we asked her to run through the basics of her training, she told us: "I train twice a day while working full-time, which includes cycling four times per week. At least one of these sessions is always done on the Wattbike, it's a high quality session planned by my coach and takes into consideration the priority races I have coming up this season"

We love hearing about the kind of sessions that pro athletes undertake on the Wattbike and Bethan has been kind enough to share this one with us...

  • Warm up - 10mins spinning, Z1-2 rpm >90rpm
  • 3x2x1min ILT
  • 10mins effort + 2mins spin
  • 8mins effort + 2mins spin
  • 6mins effort + 2mins spin
  • 4mins effort + 2mins spin
  • 2mins effort + 2mins spin
  • Cool down - Spin minimum 5mins

The intensity of effort increases as time gets shorter-measured by HR and Power

That's a great session and if you give that one a go we can guarantee you'll certainly be feeling it as you finish the cool down. We'll be keeping tabs on Bethan throughout the season and wish her the best of luck in upcoming races.

Her schedule currently takes in Blaenfon Triathlon (12th May), Ironman 70.3 Austria (26th May), Steelman (2nd June), Ironman Frankfurt (7th June), Ironman UK (4th August), Ironman Wales (8th September) and Ironman 70.3 Miami 26th October).

We asked Bethan how her race plans for 2013 differ from last year, she told us: "The domestic events are a repeat of my 2012 schedule so I'll be keen to make an impact, particularly at my home Ironman race in Tenby, Wales. Ironman Frankfurt will be a huge challenge (but potentially big rewards) as it forms the European Championships and a class field will likely be assembled at the race."

"I'm grateful for the support of Wattbike and believe the focus on bike power will pay dividends over the 180km Ironman course."

Follow Bethan Fowler as the season progresses on her website at and follower her on Twitter @TriFowler.

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