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Steve Trew Interview: I love the feedback

Posted by Alex Skelton on Jul 17, 2012

Back in April of this year (let’s call it the Summer of 2012 shall we?) we visited well-known triathlon coach and TV commentator Steve Trew to get his thoughts on the development of training for sports such as swimming, cycling and running.

Having had knee surgery himself, Steve has been training on a Wattbike and has found it to be the perfect tool for rehabilitation, not to mention his love of the feedback and data you get from the bike.  Being able to see the strength returning to his injured leg via the Polar View and the right leg/left leg percentage split has been invaluable in understanding where he was at in the rehab process.

Spending time with Steve was a pleasure, one of those genuinely nice people that we meet so often at Wattbike, and despite being initially hesitant to get involved in predicting winners of the Olympic triathlon medals we finally got his thoughts on where the Gold medals might be heading.

Thanks Steve, we’ll hold you to that!

Steve Trew Wattbike

Steve Trew Wattbike

Steve Trew Wattbike

Steve Trew Wattbike

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