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Sun, sea, sand and some very fit cyclists!

Posted by Matt Moran on Feb 10, 2013

Drawing straws for the trip to the HotChillee Redezvous at Stephen Roche Training Camp in Mallorca was a tense moment in the Wattbike office and it was Rich who came up trumps and left the rest of us to face another week of wind, rain and a little bit of snow.

He departed with instructions not to send us any beautiful images and to report only on how hard the training has been - I guess one out of two is OK.

Here's Rich's report from Day One...


Mallorca Wattbike Stephen Roche HotChillee Mallorca Wattbike Stephen Roche HotChillee

It's fair to say that it's been all systems go at Wattbike HQ over the last few months so when offered an opportunity to ride on the beautiful island of Mallorca I jumped at the chance...a bit of well earned sun, sea and sand....

Well, Mallorca is certainly beautiful and does have an abundance of sun, sea and sand but what is also has, especially on the Stephen Roche Training Camp, is a lot of very fit cyclists, mountains and one of only two riders ever to win the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and World Championships in the same year (aptly named the Triple Crown) - Stephen Roche.

I had made a pre-ride decision to ride in group 2, after all this week is full of HotChillee Ride Captains who have been training hard over the winter on their Wattbikes, and we all have a long week of riding ahead of us. So, as the groups were divided up and I 'found' myself in group 1, I came to the quick conclusion that the week could feel even longer....

That said it was a very enjoyable ride. Well, it was when I pulled my teeth out of my handlebars and managed to look up at the spectacular scenery and views!

Apparently tomorrow is longer....but less climbing I am told.....I'll let you know


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