Alex Skelton

TC Valentine at Crossfit Endurance tries the Wattbike

Posted by Alex Skelton on Oct 06, 1987

After a whistle stop tour of the states, well, actually only two states Florida and California (I know tough life!), I ended up in Costa Mesa with Doug and Brian from Cross Fit Endurance. We had a long agenda of bringing them up to speed on how to use the Wattbike, so I was pleasantly surprised when they explained that they had invited a guest (or really guineapig) to join the party.

TC Valentine is a two time US National Track Champion and was forgoing his session on the track to try the Wattbike, and I think it's fairly safe to say that he thought he was wasting his time and should be on the track! He brought along the session that he was going to do on the track, including the gearings for each element, so we were able to just read off the settings for each section of the session from the tables in the training guide (no I don’t have them all memorised and especially not in gear inches which is what TC uses), and adjust the air brake accordingly.

TC got on the bike, looking more than a bit sceptical and started his warm up. “This gear feels just right” was his first concession that this might not be such a waste of time! We worked through the session and by helping him focus on technique and where he is losing power we were able to improve his polar view from his first attempt at a flying 200m to his fourth attempt quite considerably:

TC Valentine First 200mTC Valentine Fourth 200m

The quality of TC’s pedalling and session in general improved greatly as we tweaked his gearing and worked his start. It was really impressive to watch him learn so quickly. Brian, from CrossFit Endurance took a video of the session – we have cut out some of the more colourful language from the video below, (the original can be found here)


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