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The Wattbike is back in my life and I’ve been smashing my legs to bits

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 20, 2012

Dean Downing Wattbike

It's always great to hear from the pro riders using a Wattbike and we've just had an update from Rapha-Condor-Sharp rider Dean Downing who was initially using his Wattbike to help him during his recovery from a broken collarbone but is now using it to help prepare for the upcoming Tour Series criterium races.

Dean's preparation for the Tour Series is focused around sprint efforts on his Wattbike and as he says, "You can fit so much into a 45 minute session".

Here are Dean's words...

The Wattbike took a bit of a hammering when I was recovering with my broken collarbone.  It was an excellent piece of kit to use in my rehab, as I wasn't allowed out on the road. To start with I was sitting so upright the power outputs that I was trying to ride at were quite hard. But towards the end of the 3 week block, I was back in my normal position that I use on my race bike.

The thing I noticed most with using the Wattbike, is that my power outputs went up whilst doing the same sessions 3 weeks on.

3 months has gone very quickly.  March came around and I didn't have much time for the Wattbike. With a bit of international racing in Taiwan and great weather in the UK, I was packing the km's in.  I've now started the next phase of my training block for the 6 week long Tour Series criteriums which start on 15 May.

The Wattbike is back in my life and I've been smashing my legs to bits doing lots of sprint efforts in my training sessions. I even managed a 3LC.TV sprinting DVD to really make the legs hurt.  The beauty of sprint training is that, it is short and sweet.  Be warned though, it hurts like. You get the picture.

You can fit so much into a 45 minute session, and at the same time, really hit the numbers and feel the benefit in your fitness. Or my case feel the burn in my legs.

Doing max sprint efforts on the road or on the Wattbike is never easy but sprinting with the Wattbike I can tell what power I am kicking out and concentrate on my seated efforts whilst watching my pedalling action too.

All I'm going to say is that my power and pedalling action have both improved since back in December and January when I was doing rehab.

Thanks so much to Dean for sending us the update and we hope to catch up with him during the Tour Series - if you missed it first time around here is our video interview from January...

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