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The Wattbike is the only place I can practice precise power training

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 10, 2012

Ian Richards Wattbike

Under-23 cyclist Ian Richards sent us an update last week following what sounds like a very tough Omloop van de Glazen Stad. Ian told us: "My 5th classic this year, the 173km Omloop van de Glazen stad; a city of glass greenhouses wrapped itself around the tight twisting course. The first 100km of the race didn’t drop below 47km/h. With constant crosswinds and strung out groups it meant that more that half of the 180 man peloton didn’t finish today’s echelon filled race."

We asked Ian how he copes with a race running at that speed, in those conditions: "Staying up the front in a classic such as this one is the most difficult yet important things to do. With every change of direction means that the wind is also affecting the peloton in a different way. Your position with 100km to go can mean the difference between 1st and not finishing."

"Echelons are the place to be, and if you’re not in an echelon, you’re cooked! I finished 28th, scoring de Mol’s first prize in a classic this year and my first top 30 for the year."

Ian is a big advocate of training on a Wattbike and gave us an insight into why he finds it essential for coping with the efforts required in a race like the Omloop van de Glazen Stad: "In the last 2 months I’ve been increasing my usage of my Wattbike for effort training. I can see this is definitely having a large effect on my power in the classics. With power dropping to zero then slamming upwards of 600 watts for a short while, the Wattbike is the only place I can practice this type of precision power training."

We're looking forward to Ian's next update which will be later this week as he takes on his first Elite tour race.  If you want find out how you can improve your power by training on a Wattbike check out our Training Guide and Shop.

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