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US Track Sprinter Jimmy Watkins hits 2372W!

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 23, 2012

Word comes in that US Track Cycling sprinter has hit a new personal best on his peak power on a Wattbike with a mind-blowing 2372W!  That is some power!

Jimmy Watkins New Wattbike Peak Power Record

Jimmy will top the Wattbike Rankings in the Men's Peak Power category.  We can see from the image of the Wattbike Performance Computer that Jimmy hit a maximum cadence of 222rpm during the initial kick-down phase of his effort and we're hoping to get hold of his file via the Expert Software to analyse the numbers a little more for you.

We got in touch with Jimmy to see what kind of resistance he was using for this record, his answer was a simple: "...just lowest setting revouts."  If you look up 'Understatement' in the dictionary it just says - Jimmy Watkins Peak Power PB acheived on a Wattbike on just lowest setting revouts.

It all adds credence to our view that choosing an appropriate gearing combined with high cadence is more likely to achieve a higher peak power score than high resistance and low cadence.

Anybody think they can beat it?  If so, tweet us a photo via @wattbike and don't forget to add your data to our Wattbike Ranking.

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