Matt Moran

Wattbike goes deep..aboard submarine HMS Triumph

Posted by Matt Moran on Aug 22, 2012

Quite possibly the most extreme place to find a Wattbike is onboard submarine HMS Triumph.  The Guardian have put together a great article on life under the ocean and included a fantastic gallery which tells the story in equally dramatic terms as the main article.

Inside the gallery called 'Life aboard HMS Triumph' you'll find a picture of a Wattbike in action.  Apart from the obvious reasons for having a place for staff to exercise, being able to monitor fitness very accurately and providing the best indoor cycling experience, you may wonder why the Royal Navy would choose a Wattbike.

The answer is quite simple, when you are isolated for months and months, you want to make sure that the equipment you are using is not going to break or malfunction.

In the Wattbike, the Royal Navy have the most robust indoor bike available.

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