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Tom Crampton

Geoff Thomas Takes ‘The Test’

Posted in Case Studies by Tom Crampton on Dec 01, 2014

Here at Wattbike we are often contacted by organisations planning events, most of which involve a three or four day ride through Europe. When former England footballer and leukaemia survivor Geoff Thomas approached us with his idea, we knew this was going to be a little bit different. Geoff, along with 20 "normal" people will be cycling the entire Tour… Read full post

Ben Addison

Pedalling Technique from a Physiotherapist’s Point of View

Posted by Ben Addison on Dec 16, 2013

Today's blog comes from The White House Clinic who this year added a Wattbike to their impressive set-up in the city of Sheffield. The Wattbike really adds value to a physiotherapist's work and in many ways so we thought we'd ask the people at The White House Clinic to tell us about how they use the Polar View, the Wattbike's innovative… Read full post

Matt Moran

Using a Wattbike to improve hill climbing [Guest Blog by Andy Blow]

Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 04, 2013

Today we have a guest blog from Andy Blow, a sports scientist with extensive experience working with endurance athletes and in motorsport. As an athlete Andy competed at international level in triathlon, duathlon and Ironman. He is co-author of 'The Motorsport Fitness Manual' and is a regular contributor to 220 Triathlon and Running Fitness… Read full post

Matt Moran

Wattbike connects to your favourite online training diary

Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 01, 2013

From today you can download a firmware upgrade for your Wattbike 2013, bringing new connectivity and testing features which significantly enhance your Wattbike experience. The new ANT+ connectivity means you are able to store your indoor Wattbike session data alongside your outdoor riding data in one online location with ease. Simply record your Wattbike… Read full post

Matt Moran

What’s in a pedal revolution? Wattbike has the answer.

Posted by Matt Moran on Sep 30, 2013

There are many ways to become a better bike rider, from improving your power-to-weight ratio through to understanding your power and heart rate training zones. One element of riding that's not so often talked about is the way you pedal a bike. Pedal technique can impact the way a bike handles, your power output, susceptibility to injury, fatigue… Read full post

Matt Moran

Olympic Champion Sophie Hosking trains for Trois Etapes on a Wattbike

Posted by Matt Moran on May 09, 2013

Last time we heard from Olympic Rowing Champion Sophie Hosking she gave us an insight into how training on a Wattbike helps her when it comes to performing on the water; but now Sophie is using her Wattbike to train for a cycling adventure as she swaps a pair of oars for a pair of wheels at the Trois Etapes in July. First up, we wanted to find out what… Read full post

Alex Skelton

Rolling hills in Red Rock Canyon

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 25, 2013

This past week has been a busy one for us with people at the Taipei International Cycle Show and at IHRSA, a show bringing together the best of the health, fitness and sports world. Although there wasn't an opportunity to see the next generation of cycling technology, I think getting to go to IHRSA might still have been regarded as the better option,… Read full post

Tom Crampton

Cape Rouleur 2013: Day Two and Three - Hot and Up!

Posted by Tom Crampton on Mar 11, 2013

Day 2 If Day One was about the heat, day two was definitely about the hills. Although not as long as the Alpine climbs or as steep as those in Pyrenees, the Western Cape provided over 2400m of climbing on a 146km stage. The temperature had dropped a full 10 degrees to a still sweaty 30C! Group 3 (my group) set off at 07:30 and immediately we were on… Read full post

Matt Moran

Join a Wattbike Workshop with Pro Cyclist Dean Downing

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 07, 2013

We’ve joined up with Everyone Active at their fantastic centre in Fareham, Hampshire to offer you the chance to join Madison-Genesis pro cyclist and Wattbike Ambassador Dean Downing in an introductory Wattbike session on Monday 11th March 2013. The session will allow you to analyse your pedal technique in real-time using Wattbike’s unique… Read full post

Tom Crampton

Cape Rouleur 2013: Day One - it’s damn hot!

Posted by Tom Crampton on Mar 04, 2013

Prologue Well, what a start! It's not every day you are having a little warm-up before the start of a race and not one but two former World Champions roll up for a chat. As Rich and I were getting ready for the Prologue, a short TT of just under 8km, we were joined by triple crown winner Stephen Roche and former World Champion Maurizio Fondriest!… Read full post