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Matt Moran

Back to life - Back to reality

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 18, 2012

Your training's going well and then a holiday you booked 4 months ago suddenly appears on the horizon and you wonder what will happen next? This just happened to me, I was following the London-Paris training plan diligently, getting some good feelings in the legs and then, it was off to New York for two weeks. That's two weeks of no Wattbike,… Read full post

Matt Moran

Turbo your Training with a Wattbike Hire

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 17, 2012

Today we've got a great guest blog post from Phil Jones, you may recognise his name from the excellent blog which is essential reading for anybody wanting to improve their cycling performance. He's also on Twitter at @roadphil and is well worth a follow. Phil has been training on his Wattbike all winter and it was great to hear… Read full post

Matt Moran

Wattbike at Manchester Velodrome

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 16, 2012

You don't have to be a World or Olympic Champion to ride inside the Manchester Velodrome. You don't even have to be able to ride on the track (although we highly recommend one of the taster sessions!) to ride inside the Manchester Velodrome. As you can see from this cool video below, the velodrome hosts Wattbike sessions five days per week for… Read full post

Matt Moran

The Coaches View on 2012

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 04, 2012

It's always a pleasure to meet up with elite track cycling coach Andy Sparks when out in Mallorca so this time I once again pointed a camera at him and got a great insight into what the feelings are like for a coach during an Olympic year. We've heard from lot of athletes so it was pretty good to see it all from a coaches point of view. Andy… Read full post

Matt Moran

Sarah Hammer on the Road to London

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 29, 2012

While I was in Mallorca at the HotChillee Rendezvous I decided to take a trip up to Alaro to see US Track Cyclist Sarah Hammer. I arrived just as Sarah had returned from a long ride on the sunny Majorcan roads but, ever the professional, she was happy to sit straight down and give us a quick update on her thoughts about the Olympic Veldorome in London,… Read full post

Matt Moran

Rebecca Romero Interview: Part One

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to see 2008 Olympic Gold medalist Rebecca Romero. For those who don't know, Rebecca is one of those very rare people who have won Olympic medals in two different Olympic Games AND in two different sports. In 2004 at the Athens Games she took silver in the quadruple sculls rowing event then went on to win that… Read full post

Alex Skelton

Wattbike and Training Peaks - it’s simple

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 27, 2012

It's clear that lots of people simply love the data coming out of the Wattbike - we hear of people spending endless hours poring over their heart rate, power ouput, cadence figures and more. It really is the best way to track your progress and see the first signs of over-training and/or injury. Of course you can do all of this within the free Wattbike… Read full post

Matt Moran

HotChillee Ride Captains complete some Epic training

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 21, 2012

Today's guest blog comes from HotChillee Ride Captain David Kirkby (aka Capt) - four of the guys are heading to the Cape Epic mountain bike race in South Africa on Thursday and Capt has sent us this update:- David Bryant (the Bull), Will Watt, Jay McStay and myself fly out to South Africa next Wednesday night, landing early Thursday. We have entered… Read full post

Matt Moran

150bpm - that’s my heart rate on the start line of my first pro race

Posted by Matt Moran on Mar 20, 2012

If you want to know what it's like to stand on the start line of your first pro race then let Ian Richards give you the lowdown on his experience. Ian told us: "One hundred and fifty beats per minute, that’s what my heart rate was standing on the start line of my first professional race. Rabobank, Christina Watches, Katusha and Leopard-Trek… Read full post