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Matt Moran

Triathlete Europe: Xmas Gift Guide

Posted by Matt Moran on Dec 03, 2012

Check out the latest issue of Triathlete Europe to see Wattbike featured in their Xmas Gift Guide. If you're stuck for inspiration on what to buy then pick it up and give us a call. You don't even have to rely on Father Christmas to deliver your Wattbike, we'll do that for you. Got a Question?: Call us on 0115 9455450 or email… Read full post

Matt Moran

Triathlon Plus: Marginal Gains

Posted by Matt Moran on Nov 16, 2012

We're featured in the latest issue of Triathlon Plus (December 2012) in a great article on 'Marginal Gains', which talks about perfecting pedal technique using a Wattbike. Well worth picking up a copy to read all about getting the most out of every pedal stroke. We've picked out a few links below to help you learn more now... Perfect… Read full post

Matt Moran

Road to Kona: An end of season reflection…

Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 29, 2012

Here's the final end of season report from Claire Shea-Simonds. Claire has already started looking towards 2013 while reflecting on what was undoutbedly a great 2012. Training on the Wattbike has been a fundamental part of Claire's year and her success and she'll continue to put the high quality training hours in during the winter of 2012.… Read full post

Matt Moran


Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 29, 2012

It seemed like a good day to write about targets today. The clocks have just turned back an hour in the UK, daylight is in shorter supply and the weather is just, well, getting pretty damn cold and wet. So, time to put some thoughts towards 2013 and what we all really want to achieve. I asked around the office here at Wattbike HQ and the answers came… Read full post

Matt Moran

220 Triathlon: Behind the Science

Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 24, 2012

A fantastic article appeared in 220 Triathlon magazine this month as Wattbike featured in Behind the Science. A detailed review of the Wattbike talks of the Polar View, the Wattbike's innovative pedalling technique analysis, being able to replicate your road bike setup and the consistent resistance provided by air and magnet. The verdict reads:… Read full post

Matt Moran

Wattbike Ambassador Non Stanford on Top of the World

Posted by Matt Moran on Oct 23, 2012

Some fantastic news came in over the weekend from the other side of the world. Wattbike Ambassador Non Stanford was crowned 2012 ITU Under-23 World Champion in Auckland on Saturday in what were really tough conditions for the competitors. A fast swim left Non and many of the main contenders having to chase back on during the bike leg and as they entered… Read full post

Alex Skelton

Wattbike at Virgin Active London Triathlon with Gatorade

Posted by Alex Skelton on Sep 27, 2012

Last weeked we were at the Virgin Active London Triathlon working alongside our fellow British Cycling partners, Gatorade, offering pedal technique analysis on the Wattbike. A very busy weekend saw lots of interest in both improving pedal technique and why training with power is effective. Despite a busy few days we managed to capture a few shots which… Read full post

Ben Addison

Elite Triathlete Lisa Marangon wins Ironman Yeppoon 70.3

Posted by Ben Addison on Aug 20, 2012

Great news came in today that Australian elite triathlete, Lisa Marangon, crushed the opposition in Ironman Yeppoon 70.3, finishing nearly 4 minutes ahead of the opposition. Lisa has been training on a Wattbike throughout 2012 and it's no doubt helped both her cycle and run legs. One thing that Lisa has improved on is her run leg off the bike, something… Read full post

Tom Crampton

Be Inspired - Get Involved - Triathlon Live

Posted by Tom Crampton on Jul 30, 2012

If you've been inspired by all of this fantastic sport we're seeing this summer and you fancy giving the sport of triathlon a go then the ITU and British Triathlon are putting on a great experience at 8 venues across the UK. At each location you'll be able to sample the very best in triathlon training equipment, and that of course includes… Read full post

Matt Moran

Being able to accurately measure my sessions definitely fires up my competitive side

Posted by Matt Moran on Jul 24, 2012

Today, we have a blog from Sky Draper, a really talented junior elite triathlete who has recently started to train on a Wattbike. You can tell from the blog below that Sky gets huge motivation from being able to accurately track performance data on the Wattbike. A naturally competitive person, Sky is now taking on both her Dad and her boyfriend during… Read full post