Training Guide

girl athlete on a wattbike

Welcome to the Wattbike Training guide. This represents the cumulation of over two years of work, monitoring cyclists, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts on the Wattbike, and has been re-written many many times to try and enable the science behind performance to be explained in a way that is accessible to all, without compromising the quality of the content.

The bulk of the training guide has been created by Wattbike’s resident Sport Scientist, Eddie Fletcher, who has been testing, monitoring and training athletes around the world over the past two years. Each of the performance tests within this guide has been based on providing the answer to a specific question, whether to assess an individual’s Maximum Minute Power or to monitor performance without requiring a maximal intensity test. In some cases new testing protocols have been developed as there had never been a testing tool like the Wattbike available before.

The first training programmes that we have included are to help riders prepare for a Sportive and were created by Scottish Cycling, Head of Performance, Gary Coltman and Eddie Fletcher. Gary has been working with the Wattbike since it was a prototype and has a great understanding of how it can benefit cyclists.

We have recently added our Winter Triathlon Training Plan, designed by Eddie Fletcher, although it is a plan that can be used by anyone wishing to improve their cycling performance..

We will continue to develop the training guide and will add new programmes regularly. If you have a suggestion, question or comment about the guide, do not hesitate to contact us.

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