Eddie Fletcher

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Consultant Sport & Exercise Physiologist

Eddie is recognised as a scientific coach adept at explaining sport scientific concepts in a simple, practical and understandable way, and has been intimately involved with the development of Wattbike over the last few years. He has travelled the world demonstrating the Wattbike and use of Wattbike Expert software to sports scientist, cycling coaches and individual cyclists at the highest levels.

His sport and exercise experience encompasses physiolgical testing of runners, swimmers, cyclist and rowers and the provision of suitable training programmes based on physiological response to improve performance.

Eddie has been involved with indoor rowing for the last 15 years and has developed a unique approach to the coaching and development of specialist indoor rowers which he has now extended to triathletes and individual runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Over the years his rowers have won over 75 medals at the British Indoor Rowing Championships, set British and World records and won European and World titles.

His stable of duathletes/triathletes show remarkable improvement under his guidance with many achieving age group European and World age group qualification.

Eddie is a world expert and pioneer in the practical use and interpretation of heart rate variability (HRV) technology and software to measure the psychological and physiological effect of training and recovery on the human body.

He collaborated with Dr Pete Cunningham of the GB Olympic Sailing Team to produce an Indoor Rowing Sailing Guide (includes physiological profile of all the major Sailing Classes) and with Professor Alison McConnell of Brunel University to produce a POWERbreathe Guide for Rowers. He also wrote the Indoor Rowing Marathon Plan and the Suunto Running Guide.