Polar View

One of the unique features of the Wattbike is the ability to monitor your cycling technique as you ride. This is shown as a force curve on the Wattbike Performance Computer known as the Polar View. The Polar View shows the force applied to the pedals and the position of the pedals when applying this force.

When cycling, you can play around with the graph ā€“ pushing on the left leg will create a large force shape on the left, pushing hard on the right leg will enlarge the graph on the right. You see a percentage beneath each side, telling you how much power each leg is generating. Standing up and altering your cycling technique will produce a change in the graph.

Wattbike Expert Software (version 2.50.42 upwards) automatically calculates the Power to Weight ratio [P/kg] providing the correct weight, in kilograms, has been entered in the cyclist’s personal file.

Power, Resistance and Cadence Tables