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Climb the Tour to claim your crown

To celebrate the upcoming Tour de France , we're adding 11 climbs from this year’s route onto the Wattbike Hub app . And what do Wattbikers love more than sweating? Winning!  From Sunday 30th August


Mandy Marquardt & Team Novo Nordisk - providing a platform for elite athletes with type 1 diabetes

Photo: @DanChabanov We recently caught up with US track cyclist and Team Novo Nordisk member Mandy Marquardt to discuss her goals, how she trains at elite level with type 1 diabetes, and what advice she can offer to others in the same position. Young Talent Mandy resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she trains alongside Edge Cycling, and she is an 18-time US National Champion and two-time American Record Holder. Growing up in South Florida,