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We're now Rouvy compatible

You can now experience real world routes indoors with Rouvy! The new integration allows you to enjoy Rouvy’s animated 3D rides in 2D videos which give the feel of truly cycling outdoors as well as access


Your New Year resolutions - make 2021 count

Hands up if your training goals haven't quite gone to plan this year? With the impact of the pandemic on all of our lives, it's safe to say we want to put this year aside and turn our focus towards planning


Top 10 Trending Workouts in the Wattbike Hub

Fancy challenging yourself with a workout you haven't tried yet? Or maybe you’re in need of refreshing the current sessions in your training programme? Well look no further because we’re bringing you 10 of the most popular workouts on the Wattbike Hub from the last 30 days. Here’s a quick glance at the Top 10: #1 Aerobic Efficiency #2 3 x 5 #3 Eat The Elephant #4 Building Blocks #5 Cyclist All-Rounder #6 10:20 #7 Unders and Overs #8 Rugby Conditioning