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10 ways to change up your training during the isolation period

With the postponement of the cycling season as we know it, and large amounts of cancellations within the racing calendar, we know that staying motivated whilst training might not be the easiest thing right now.

We want to take the chore out of indoor training, so whether you're looking for an all-out challenge or just some fun, here are some things to try if you're facing hours on the static bike.

01. Train, track and transform with the Wattbike Hub

The Wattbike Hub is free of charge, and works across the entire product range. Why not use the quarantine period to perfect your pedalling, take on a training plan or mix things up by trying your hand at one of our Wattbiker workouts? When you’re done, you can track or test your progress so you can see just how much those indoor hours are actually paying off! 

02. Free real route simulation with Road Grand Tours

Our friends at RGT have gone completely free in response to the pandemic, so if you’re thinking about giving gamified riding a go, nows your chance to do it. Ride with your friends across a virtual world, or upload your own magic road through a GPX file. 

03. Get strong with The Sufferfest

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to strength training, The Sufferfest have put their beginner's strength training for cyclists workouts on Youtube, so you really have no excuse to get lifting.

04. Or, you can follow a Wattbike workout on the GCN Youtube channel

Did you know there are Wattbike workouts over on the GCN channel? If you’re missing the feeling of you coach barking orders at you in a Wattbike class, they might just be the motivation you need.

05. Ride real roads with FulGaz

If you missed out on that cycling holiday, there are still a few days left to ride some of the Tour of Europe Stages.

06. But if you miss out on the tour, they’ve also extended their free trial to four weeks

Use code 20cofg.

07. Get educated with Performance United

Our good friend, Andy Sparks of Performance United sat down to do this really useful video about how to adjust your training to fit a delayed race schedule.

08. Race on zwift

If you’re missing the regular racing season, why not try your hand at e-racing? Compete with others to win jerseys, or simply ride out with your friends. Don’t forget to unlock your Wattbike jersey. 

09. Keep it current

With the classics being cancelled, Bkool are running a virtual Tour of Flanders on Sunday 5th April. They’re even expecting a few pros.

10. Take on a challenge

Spoiler alert! Keep your eyes opened for a brand new Wattbikers challenge, with details to come within the next week or so...