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A - Z of the Wattbike Atom

From accuracy to Zwift, here’s everything you need to know about the #Unrivalled Wattbike Atom.

A - Accurate data

This is the basis of targeted and effective training. The Atom leaves nothing to chance with power accuracy of ±2%.

B- Bluetooth smart control

An essential for a smart bike, Bluetooth smart control allows software - such as the Wattbike Hub or a third party app - to control the resistance on your bike automatically.  

C - Cranks

The Atom’s crank length is 170mm. You can use our Bike Fit calculator to help you get the best bike setup based on your current crank length. 

D - Delivery

The Wattbike Atom is available for delivery within 5-7 days of purchase. Delivery costs start at £60. 

E - Endurance training

This type of training is the Atom’s forte. Try one of the endurance sessions on the Wattbike Hub if you’re looking to improve your engine.   

F - Footprint

The Atom is much smaller than its older brother, the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, with a footprint of 100cm (l) × 50cm (w) × 150cm (h - tri-bar & tablet holder fully extended). Perfect for even the smallest of pain caves.  

G - Gears and gradient

The Atom features 22 gears and a gradient range of 25%, helping you to grind up even the toughest climbs on The Hub. 

H - Hub

Our smart device app, the Wattbike Hub, is free to download and comes with lots of pre-programmed sessions and training plans, all designed to help you improve your performance whilst riding the Atom. 

I - Insight

The Wattbike Atom measures over 40 different metrics in real time whilst you ride, giving you unrivalled performance insight. 

J - Juliet Elliott

Multi-discipline cyclist and blogger, Juliet Elliott, gave us her first impressions of the Wattbike Atom in this video.

K - King of the mountain

Using Climb Mode on the Atom, you’ll be able to bag a virtual King of the mountain on Strava. 

L - Lightweight aluminium

The Atom is constructed from this material. Weighing it in at just 44kg, the Atom can still withstand the immense power of elite athletes. 

M - Magnetic resistance

Unlike the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, which uses air resistance, the Wattbike Atom uses magnetic resistance to keep you working hard, whatever your session. 

N - New updates

We’re continually releasing updates to the Wattbike Hub app. Make sure you’ve got the latest version to enjoy the best riding experience. 

O - Olympic athletes

Former Olympians Lizzie Deignan and Joanna Rowsell-Shand both add sessions on Wattbike Atom into their training schedules. 

P - Pedalling Effectiveness Score

Effective pedalling utilises your muscles in the correct way, helping you ride faster, for longer. The Wattbike Hub shows your Pedal Effectiveness Score alongside a sliding scale for each leg, and the colour-coded breakdown acts as a guide to the most effective use of power.

Q - Queen of the mountain

Not forgetting the female Wattbikers out there, queens can conquer the climbs on the Wattbike Atom too. 

R - Real ride feel

Perfected over 10 years working with elite athletes and world class sport scientists, the Atom offers the most authentic ride feel of any smart bike. 

S - Smart device

We recommend using a smart tablet for the very best experience on your Wattbike Atom, but it’s compatible with lots of smart devices. Click here to view the full list

T - Tests

The Atom and Wattbike Hub come with four pre-programmed tests to help you set benchmarks and create your training zones, so every session you do is personalised to your fitness level.  

U - Unboxing

Back when the Atom was first released in September 2017, the team at Global Cycling Network got their hands on one of the first. Watch their unboxing video here:

V - Vacuum

Did you know that to keep your Atom in tip top condition, you should be vacuuming the area around it on a monthly basis? For more tips on maintaining the Wattbike Atom, visit this helpful article

W - Watt range

The Wattbike Atom has a Watt range of 0-2000W. 

X - Xmas

The Wattbike Atom could be your secret weapon when it comes to winter training. Fitting in time to train around Christmas, work and social events can be a challenge, but training on the Atom is time efficient, giving you no excuses. 

Y - Yellow jersey

Pull on your yellow jersey and get into the spirit of the Tour by following one of the Grand Tour Challenges or Grand Tour Climbs on the Wattbike Hub

Z - Zwift

This home training game needs no introduction. With virtual roads, structured workouts and social group rides, Zwift will make your indoor training a whole lot more fun. Find out how to connect via Bluetooth or ANT+ here.

Find out what all the fuss is about, take a look at the Wattbike Atom.

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