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Five fitness resolutions you should make this New Year

2020 has rolled around faster than anyone expected, and it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions. Whether you’re looking to build on the base you successfully kept up last year, or you’re starting fresh, here are some of the New Year’s fitness resolutions you should be making. 

Try a Wattbike class

Been eyeing up the Wattbike zone in the gym? Swap out your spin bike class for a Wattbike workout and get ready to get serious about your fitness. In a Wattbike class you’ll learn all about your pedalling effectiveness and how to get the most out of your power metrics.

Nail your nutrition

Whether you need to make a serious lifestyle change, or just want to swap out the chocolate for some healthy snacking, put nutrition at the top of your resolution list. For ideas on how to get that balance just right, check out these tips from our nutrition partners, OTE.

Take on a training plan

When you look back on last season do you feel you could have benefitted from more structure? Or do you just find it hard to stay motivated? Try one of the Wattbike training plans on the Wattbike Hub! Developed with some of the industries best coaches, Wattbike training plans will catapult you towards next year’s cycling goals, whether it’s developing your base or training for a sportive. 

Find balance in fitness

If you burnt out last year or started to recognise symptoms of overtraining, it could benefit you to take a step back and reevaluate your attitude to training. Yes, cycling forms a big part of our lives, but the rest is equally important for both our physical and mental health. Try changing your attitude if you feel like training is taking over your life, you’ll feel much better for it!

Sign up for an event

Sometimes you just need to train with a tangible goal in mind. Signing up for a race or sportive could push you to train on those days where you’d rather be sat in front of the tv, or even just help you expand your social circle within the cycling world. Plus, you’ll feel accomplished as soon as you’ve completed it!