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Four signs you’re a Wattbiker

If you’re reading this it’s too late. You’re probably a Wattbiker, just like the rest of us. Our tribe is full of dedicated athletes, all with the same obsession for performance. However, what exactly is it that we have in common? Well, if you’ve ever set your alarm for 5am so you can squeeze in a session, or you can’t stop telling your friends your hard-earned PES score, you won’t be alone. Here are five signs you’re one of the #Wattbikers.

You know the numbers like the back of your hand

FTP. MMP. Power to weight ratio. PES. They’re all seared into your retinas. As a result, you know that every time you train, you’re getting the most accurate, effective workout possible. Whether it’s a long endurance session or an intense set of intervals, you know the numbers you need to hit, when to hit them and hit them every time. This attention to detail is what sets us apart from the crowd. World Championships are won on tight margins. These are the margins we train for.

You know who’s a Wattbiker and who isn’t

Did you know Anthony Joshua is a Wattbiker? So is Lizzie Deignan. Manchester United are all Wattbikers, too. You’ve seen the iconic white and red turbine of a Wattbike on your favourite athlete’s Instagram or Twitter feed. You know that you share an obsession for performance with World champions. You can spot a Wattbiker from mile away; the determination in their eyes and the grit of their teeth. It comes from the knowledge that you’ve trained smarter than any of your competition, and you’re here to perform.

You strive for the perfect Polar View

Wattbikers don’t just jump on a bike and mash the pedals. We spend time getting our position right because we know it’s a key component for perfect pedalling. We wear cleats and clip in to the pedals because we don’t want to waste any of our power. We stare at the Polar View graph and drill ourselves until our legs turn like a well oiled machine. We know that the peanut isn’t referring to a snack at the pub. We might not all achieve the perfect Polar View, but that doesn’t stop us trying.

You know the exact session you have planned next Thursday. And the following Thursday.

The perfect training plan takes time and dedication. Wattbikers work backwards from their goal and set a training plan that’s personalised and targeted to the results they want. This means you know next Thursday is a HIIT session, so you’re going to stock up on the right recovery food on Wednesday. Preparation and dedication set us apart. We focus on the process to destroy our targets.

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