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Use Live Training Zones to Make Your Goals a Reality

Whether your goal for 2015 is completing your first sportive, winning your local time trial champs or taking on an epic challenge ride, live training zones can help you in achieving your goal.

Training zones make training extra efficient as they ensure you’re riding at the exact intensity that’s right for you. If you own or use a Wattbike you can also take advantage of the live training zones within the Wattbike monitor. This takes all the guesswork out of training and leaves you more time to spend on important things like friends and family (or re-watching the Track Worlds for the third time!).

Your Goal, Your Personalised Training Zone

The Wattbike training zones are determined by a percentage of max minute power (MMP) and max heart rate (MHR). They range from recovery to supra-maximal, with each zone designed to achieve a specific goal:

Recovery zone promotes recovery and training response.

Zone 1 develops a more efficient use of energy and prepares the body for harder training, whilst also working on technique/skill.

Zone 2 allows you to produce more power with the same level/ effort, whilst working on technique/skill.

Zone 3 improves your sustainable power - great for all cycling events.

Zone 4 improves your sustainable race pace and is useful during pre-competition periods.

Zone 5 improves time trialling and develops a resistance to short term fatigue.

Zone 6 increases your maximum power output.

Supra-maximal develops race specific skills like starting power, sprint speed and your ability to jump away from the bunch.

A Word About Accuracy

When training with heart rate and power accuracy really is a key metric to consider. You want to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible, if you get it wrong then all your training will be out and you won’t be achieving your goals.

The Wattbike is accurate to within 2%, so you can be sure that your power readings and live power training zones are as accurate as possible. When using a heart rate monitor, ensure you fit it and set it up correctly to avoid any blips in the accuracy. It’s probably best to refer to your manufacturer's instructions on how to best use your heart rate belt.

How To: Set Up Your Training Zones

Setting up personalised training zones on a Wattbike is easy. All you need to do is complete a three minute test, don’t forget to warm up and cool down correctly, the Wattbike Performance Monitor will then calculate and display your training zones.

In summary, whilst your overall goals like building power or developing race specific skills may be the same as an elite athlete, training zones allow you to train at the exact intensity that’s right for you. This makes training as efficient as possible, meaning no wasted time or effort. What could be better?