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Make it 'appen: Using the Wattbike Hub to reach your goals

Training apps are becoming more and more varied in terms of what they offer, so whether you want to race through virtual worlds or find a way to structure your training plan, there’s an option for you. But sometimes too much choice can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. We asked members of our Wattbiker tribe about their favourite apps, and how the Atom’s unrivalled connectivity is helping them achieve their training goals. 

This week we speak to Russell, an AA patrolman who lives in Wales with his wife and two children. Russell competes mainly in long distance endurance events such as marathons and Ironmans.

How long have you been a Wattbike user and what drew you to the Wattbike?

"I’ve been a Wattbike user for about two years, in gyms and spin classes, but a Wattbike Atom owner for about six months. I was drawn to the Wattbike by the numbers! I love seeing improvements to my performance figures and knowing my training is working. The Wattbike gives me all the information I need. "

How often do you train indoors? 

"I train indoors three to four times a week."

What makes indoor training a crucial part of your routine?

"I work awkward shifts and have a young family, this means I can’t commit to a weekly spin class or set time to train. Having the Wattbike Atom in the conservatory, ready to go at any time, means I can get a session in as and when I can, be that 6am or 10pm!" 

Which app do you use to supplement your training with?

"I use the Wattbike Hub, and occasionally Zwift."

What attracted you to the Wattbike Hub?

"I like the structured workouts and climb simulations on the Wattbike Hub, coupled with using my stats to ensure I’m getting the best sessions. 

How does the combination of the Atom and the Wattbike Hub help you to reach your training goals? 

I’m training for my fifth and sixth Ironman competitions. The Wattbike Hub and its stats give me good information so I’m able to plan effective and efficient training sessions."

What is your favourite in-app workout?

"I enjoy the climb simulations: Alpe d’Huez is a favourite. 

Looking to kickstart your training? Purchase the Wattbike Atom and receive free lifetime membership to the Wattbike Hub, plus free trials to a number of training apps, including FulGaz, TrainingPeaks and The Sufferfest."