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Make it 'appen: Using the Wattbike and FulGaz to reach your goals

Training apps are becoming more and more varied in terms of what they offer, so whether you want to race through virtual worlds or find a way to structure your training plan, there’s an option for you. But sometimes too much choice can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. We asked members of our Wattbikers tribe about their favourite apps, and how the Atom’s unrivalled connectivity is helping them achieve their training goals. 

This week we spoke to Graeme, a retired police officer and triathlon coach from Torbay who uses a combination of the Wattbike Hub and FulGaz to get the most out of his indoor training.
FulGaz is a virtual riding app where real routes have been filmed on bikes, so you can jump in on races and group rides, take on trails and explore routes around the world- a cycling holiday from your home!

Hi Graeme, how long have you been a Wattbike user and what drew you to the Wattbike?

"My wife bought the Wattbike Atom for me for a 60th birthday present 18 months ago, after I had dropped massive hints and I had also told my best mate to tell her I wanted one, (and she asked him for suggestions). I am a triathlon coach and in Torbay, we have use of a Velopark – a 1500m closed road circuit where I can set structured sessions, knowing people won’t be held up by traffic lights and roundabouts. I wanted to be able to do my own structured sessions throughout the inclement weather and after a considerable amount of research, plumped for the Atom over a smart trainer."

How often do you train indoors?

"Over the winter, probably 90% of the time as I am fortunate enough to own an Endless Pool and a treadmill, so I have all bases covered. I generally do a longer ride at Half Ironman pace, an interval session and a shorter, faster non-stop ride."

What makes indoor training a crucial part of your routine?

"I am retired so don’t have time constraints, but I like consistency and the ability to measure progress, or lack of. There are no excuses with a Wattbike. You can’t blame the traffic or the weather. The same goes for the dreaded treadmill and the pool. You can’t cheat a moving belt or a current."

Which app do you use to supplement your training with?

"Occasionally I’ll use the Wattbike Hub as a warm-up, but 95% of the time I use FulGaz. I used to use Zwift but after my first trial session on FulGaz, I cancelled Zwift and paid for a years subscription to FulGaz."

What drew you to FulGaz? 

"I think I saw it advertised somewhere with a free two-week trial so gave it a go. I can easily ride a session as the scenery keeps me occupied. I can select a route to suit my training and targets and, once I’ve completed a ride in ‘Challenge’ mode, I can add my result to the list of riders so if needs be, I can revisit it after a while and see if I can beat myself.

I am also one of their Climbing Program beta testers as they are developing a hill climbing feature."

How does the combination of the Atom and FulGaz allow you to work towards your training goals?

"I have just done the Outlaw Half triathlon which incorporated the National Police Championships. I won the V60 category and came second V60 in the overall competition. Although I did a weeks’ training camp in Tenerife in February, the Wattbike and FulGaz allowed me to pedal non-stop for the requisite distance (56 miles), which I would never be able to do on the road.

I have the Olympic distance championships on 30th June so I’ll now do shorter, quicker courses."

What is your favourite in-app workout?

"I have a few routes I like for various reasons, but I like to try new routes which appear most Tuesdays."

Looking to kickstart your training? Purchase the Wattbike Atom and receive free lifetime membership to the Wattbike Hub, plus free trials to a number of training apps, including FulGaz, TrainingPeaks and The Sufferfest.