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The St Louis Cardinals - first adopters of the Wattbike Nucleus in the US

The St Louis Cardinals are one of America’s oldest and most successful professional baseball clubs. They have won eleven World Series titles, which is more than any other National League team and second in Major League Baseball only to the New York Yankees.

The Cardinals were actually the first adopters of the Wattbike Nucleus in the US market, when they pre-ordered them in late 2019. The team currently own four Wattbike Nucleus’ which are divided between their Missouri and Florida training facilities. 

The Wattbikes are currently being used to evaluate pitcher readiness, general fitness conditioning, and off-feet power development and assessment.

Our US distributor recently visited the facility to meet with Head Strength Coach, Lance Thomason, to help the team make the most of their Wattbikes. Support was provided specifically related to Wattbike testing protocols and their timing, frequency and structure.

The St Louis Cardinals are pleased with the data provided by the Wattbikes, and plan to continue using them as an integral part of their Strength and Conditioning programme. 

Wattbike are proud to be supporting the Cardinals during their off-season training, and we are confident that the team will continue to see great results from their Wattbike training moving into the 2021 MLB season.


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