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Olympic Legend Aims to Improve Health of Japan’s Population with the Wattbike Health Assessment

September 09, 2020 2 min read

Hiroyasu Shimizu is a legend in Japan. He is the former Olympic champion over the 500m in speed skating when he made history at the Nagano Olympics, and he is the current world record holder over the 100m. After retiring from the sport, he studied medical business and now runs fitness clubs and facilities for the elderly population in Japan, utilising his experience and knowledge from competitive sports and medicine. In addition to this, he is the official consultant for Wattbike’s Japanese Distributor.


Hiroyasu approaches health and fitness from a perspective of medicine and sport. This is supported by his elite sport background where he had to deal with physical disadvantages and tackling asthma. He managed to overcome these disadvantages to win an Olympic gold medal, and now he wants to give back to the general population that has supported him during his elite career. By combining his extensive elite sport knowledge and sport science background, he aims to deliver effective training programmes that improve health and performance.

He runs two gyms under his Two Seven Body concept, where he has now implemented the Wattbike Health Assessment on the new Wattbike Nucleus’ he has recently purchased. The motto of Two Seven Body is to support people’s health, both from a competitive sport perspective but also from a health perspective. The Wattbike Health Assessment is a simple solution that is incredibly well suited for both, and the aim is to use the Health Assessment to assess life expectancy and extend people’s active lives.


People have various motivations for starting exercise, but it seems that a lot of individuals don’t always have a clear objective of what they’d like to achieve. With the Health Assessment, you always have a clear aim to increase your CRF score which will ultimately extend life expectancy. Having such a clear target will raise anyone’s sense of purpose, and give them a clear goal to work towards.

Hiroyasu comments:

“The Health Assessment’s 12 week training programmes are safe for anyone to use, and I am confident about this as these workouts are created by qualified sports scientists who have specialised knowledge of sport training for not only athletes but also fitness enthusiasts too.

In fact, the training content in the fitness plans varies from session to session. This is important, as you need to change the stimulus while you keep training to prevent plateauing. This principle is applied to both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In that way, I think this program is well made.”

Hiroyasu willI be providing the CRF Health Assessment and accompanying training programmes at his fitness gyms. He also plans to introduce it in the future into the elderly facilities that he runs to help the ageing population of Japan keep fit and healthy, so they can live longer active lives.

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