Introducing: The Wattbike AtomX

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Building on the incredible success of the unrivalled Wattbike Atom, we are launching a genre defining commercial smart bike. Setting the standard by which all others will undoubtedly be judged, the Wattbike AtomX provides the most realistic cycling experience ever created. It features a high-definition performance touchscreen, integrated gear shifters, and lets you choose between ergo, gear or climb mode.  


Allow the AtomX Ergo mode to regulate your workout. Choose from inbuilt training sessions or specify your desired watts and the AtomX will adjust the resistance to meet the required output. 

Climb Mode simulates the gradient of famous bucket-list climbs from around the world. Brining climbs such as Mont Ventoux and Monte Grappa into the cycling studio for the very first time. 

Our high-definition touchscreen elevates the cycling experience by delivering the most advanced performance feedback. For a fully connected user experience. Now featuring workouts, training plans, tests, climbs, and automatic updates via WiFi.

Integrated shifters place control of your workout at your fingertips. Change gear, adjust resistance, toggle workout modes, scroll through data screens and even start a new lap without ever letting go of the handlebars.

A brand new custom built electromagnet sets the resistance for the AtomX. Faster and more reactive than ever, this new resistance system will truly redefine commercial indoor cycling forever.


You asked. We listened. After the launch of our first home indoor trainer - the Atom - demand for a commercial smart bike skyrocketed. Our product team has spent the last two years testing and developing to bring you the smartest commercial bike ever created. The brand-new performance touchscreen elevates the indoor cycling experience, and our new electromagnetic resistance provides the smoothest indoor ride ever. Fit for any indoor cycling class, sports science, rehabilitation, gym floor, testing, and virtual racing. Andy McCorkell, Head of Product, comments:


“When developing this product, we didn’t want to take just a small step. We wanted to take a leap. The AtomX was our chance to do something different, to make a change and do something radical. The interest we had on the back of the Atom showed us that there was definitely an appetite for that. The interest came from gyms and gym operators who were tearing down our door asking for a commercial version of the Atom. We have listened to the feedback we received and produced just what was asked of us. However, we didn’t just want to make a commercial Atom, so we put the performance touchscreen on there and decided to go big by installing an electromagnet as the main resistance mechanism. So we’re not just sitting on our laurels saying we’ll make a more stable Atom, we want to keep pushing the technology and that’s how we created the AtomX."


Bring your Wattbike Zone to life with the Wattbike AtomX. The most advanced commercial indoor bike ever made.

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