Three summer Wattbike session hacks

Finding the motivation to train indoors when it’s warm outside is difficult, if a little nonsensical at first. Surely, your hard work on the Wattbike during the winter means you can spend the summer enjoying your fitness outside? True, but to really make those race-winning gains, staying sharp during the summer needs some regular, structured Wattbike work (sorry).

Here are our top three tips for getting motivated to jump on a Wattbike, even if it’s sunny outside.


Unless you like the idea of drowning in your own sweat, a fan is an absolute must in the warmer months. Since you don’t have the cooling effect of the wind as you would outside, things can get very wet, very quickly. Not only does this make your indoor sessions more enjoyable, but it prevents the horrible feeling of burning up and keeps your floor dry. Take it from us, a fan can really revolutionise your indoor experience!


Training outside in the summer doesn’t need to have any structure for it to be enjoyable. When the sun is in the sky and you have the road to yourself, you don’t need much else for a perfect day on the bike (apart from a good cafe stop). Conversely, jumping on the Wattbike with no idea of what you want to achieve in a session is a real motivation killer. 

If you want to have your strongest summer ever, plan your training in advance, taking into account what events you have lined up and the time you have to train. The last thing you want to do when it’s warm outside is aimlessly mash the pedals indoors. Start a training plan or have a series of workouts you can rely on to stay sharp. That way, you can take the next Wattbike session in your stride.


Music can often be the difference between finishing a killer session and giving up halfway through. Although listening to your favourite album won’t make that next FTP test any less painful, it might just help you get through it with a little more gusto. Studies have shown that listening to music during high intensity interval training can make the most challenging efforts that little bit more bearable. So when you’ve got a tough session planned, tune out the outside world with your headphones and embrace the pain.

Need a plan for your strongest summer ever? Download one of our expertly designed training plans and start your road to fitness.