Top tips for spring training success

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Perfecting that pain cave setup is essential for powering through any Wattbike session, and especially important when the warmer spring weather starts to arrive. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your indoor rides, so you feel the gains during those outdoor adventures.


Dehydration occurs when the water you lose through sweating is not replaced. Did you know that, in a warm training environment, small to moderate dehydration levels will lead to a potential endurance drop of 22-48%? This means that you’ll see a considerate difference in your training quality and performance when you are dehydrated. To combat this and make sure you keep your body ready to reach your goals, make sure you have one or two bottles of water with you when you ride and stay hydrated during the day too. 


One of the main bonuses of training indoors is that you can manage a productive, worthwhile Wattbike session in a short amount of time. You don’t need two hours on your Wattbike every day to see results - sometimes less is more! Why not try some of the most popular Wattbike Hub workouts which are under 40 minutes:

  • 37 Min HIIT Blast (37 minutes) > HIIT category 
  • VO2 Max Decliners (15 minutes) > HIIT category
  • Aerobic Efficiency (28 minutes) > Endurance category 


Most of the body’s sweat glands are located on the forehead, back and chest, so you can help to combat excess sweating by using two fans instead of one. Direct the first towards your head and chest, and position the second behind you, pointing up towards your back.


Have you got the space in your garden to take your Wattbike outside? If so, why not give it a go! Just imagine, the feeling of fresh air and wind in your face (and those all-important tan lines) could still be yours with the added bonus of a focused training session, and no traffic!


Music can often be the difference between finishing a killer session and giving up halfway through. Recent studies have shown that listening to your favourite, upbeat music can actually help increase your heart rate and your peak power output during a workout.

So don’t forget to make time to refresh those playlists with new songs! 

Finally, we love seeing what our Wattbikers are getting up to so please share your Wattbike sessions with us on social media, by tagging @wattbike and #WhyIWattbike 

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