Watch GCN Unboxing The Wattbike Atom

This week, GCN got their hands on a Wattbike Atom. Watch as they unbox the Atom and give their first impressions:

As Simon mentions in the video, the Wattbike Atom is a smart static bike that has been specifically designed for cyclists. Taking all of the elements that made the original Wattbike an icon in the cycling industry, we’ve added connectivity features and responsive resistance to create an unrivalled indoor trainer. If you’re interested in finding out more about our history, read our story.

The Atom represents a radical step forward for Wattbike. Our first true home trainer, aimed specifically at cyclists, it serves the needs of the connected rider yet retains at its core our commitment to creating the most technically and scientifically advanced products in the world for improving performance.

- Richard Baker, Managing Director

The Atom also introduces new features such as;

  • Responsive resistance and enhanced connectivity. Connect to fitness apps such as The Sufferfest and Zwift, with automatic resistance changes for an immersive ride experience. 
  • Ergo mode. Referred to by Simon as ‘torture mode’, ergo mode keeps you at a set resistance level based on the workout you are completing and your personalised training zones.
  • Climb mode. This new feature has been developed using climb data from Strava and Veloviewer, it maps the gradient of a climb to give you a virtual ride that is just as though as the real thing.

With Wattbike DNA at it’s core, Atom keeps the data and analysis tools that have become firm favourites with cyclists. Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score feature prominently on the Wattbike Hub, enabling unique insights into pedalling technique and effectiveness. Find out more about Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness here.

Want to know how the Atom compare to the Pro/Trainer, read our comparison guide. Or find out more about the Atom and purchase yours today.