Wattbike at Adidas Cycling Kit Launch

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A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be at the launch of the new Adidas cycling kit range at the sportswear giant's headquarters in Stockport.

There were a few special guests in attendance including British Cycling Performance Director and Team Sky head honcho Sir Dave Brailsford, double Olympic gold medallist from London 2012, Laura Trott and Olympic and World Champion track sprinter Jason Kenny.

First up was a Q&A session with the three guests on stage and we were really pleased to hear Dave Brailsford discussing how great the Wattbike was for training. He particularly highlighted the accuracy of the data as an important aspect of why the Wattbike is the best indoor cycle trainer. He also mentioned that he really wanted to race his mates online on a Wattbike wherever they were in the world!


Laura and Jason went through the technical aspects of the new kit and it really does look fantastic, with a range to suit everybody from the casual commuter through to elite athletes. And it's not just the technical aspects of the Adidas kit that are important to these champions, Jason really did love the design of the new Great Britain cycling kit.

All three spoke about training and Jason was keen to emphasise the importance of quality not quantity - this is also out mantra here at Wattbike. To paraphrase Jason, he said, 'There's not much point riding around for 5 hours getting bored when you can be getting a much better and shorter training session in with a more structured approach'. As full-time athletes, these riders have all of the time in the world to train but still recognise that having a structure, goals and using the best equipment reaps the maximum benefits.

We then watched the video above from Adidas' #mygirls campaign, recognising the great friendships that can be built through teamwork and dedication. The women in the film were present and we had a good chat about their upcoming races and training on Wattbikes.


And then it was time for some fun - as Laura was racing the following week she took some time out to speak to the press while Jason didn't need asking twice to jump on the Wattbike and set a time over 200m. Without a warm-up and wearing trainers rather than cycling shoes, Jason took just 10:17 seconds to complete the distance with an average power of 1161w (Max 1420w). No doubt that with cycling shoes, a good warm-up and the chance to get a proper setup on the Wattbike he would have gone well under 10 seconds.


The #mygirls group jumped on the Wattbikes together and had a group race, with Gaby Shaw taking the win (and letting the rest know too!).

So, a fantastic day with Adidas - you can find their new cycling range at many cycling retailers including Wiggle. We'll be working with Adidas again this Saturday (13th April) from 5pm-7pm at their store at Market Street, Manchester where you can meet some of GB's finest Olympians and World Champions including Jason Kenny, Jess Varnish and Jody Cundy at the launch of the new British Cycling kit.

Come along and chat to some our of greatest cyclists, grab the opportunity for a photo and an autograph and then jump on a Wattbike. We look forward to seeing you.

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