Making peace with your indoor performance bike

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We know the spring and summer seasons are for the road, but sometimes life gets in the way. Plus, focused and effective training can only happen behind closed (in)doors.
Here’s how to make the most of your indoor trainer when you’re dreaming of being outside.



Make sure you are training with a particular goal in mind. Having measurable, SMART goals will enable you to monitor your progress and therefore motivate you more, and structured sessions will provide you with a routine.



Whether you blast your favourite playlist, marathon a Netflix series or use the time to really focus on your Polar View, you’ll be surprised how fast the time flies when you’re distracting yourself from the monotony of your settings. With esports growing in popularity, you could even challenge your pals from the comfort of your living room, and potentially win prize money for doing so. Or, head over to the Wattbike Hub to tackle some of the most challenging climbs in the world, without having to haul your bike halfway across it.



Indoor sessions provide a great opportunity to work on your pedalling technique. Take the time to perfect your Polar View shape and increase your pedalling effectiveness score whilst you’re inside. We promise you’ll see big changes when you’re out on the open road or in a race. 



The less time you’re having to spend training, the more time you’ll free up for yourself. With no stop-start traffic to contend with, you’re able to take full control of your training session. An hour on the indoor trainer enables you to maintain maximum concentration on your cycling efforts without the added distractions of other road users, and will ensure you get the most productive session for the shortest amount of time.



The less work it takes to put together your indoor trainer, the more likely you are to hop on for a training session when you’re lacking in motivation. Consider a smart bike, like the Atom, for a no excuses set up. 


Ready to reap the rewards of training indoors? Why not start one of out training plans? Or, if you’ve got a particular goal in mind, try one of these five indoor sessions for performance improvement.

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