Zwift moves to clarify hardware decision for KISS Super League

Wondering why the award-winning Wattbike Atom can’t be used for Zwift’s KISS SL? 

Earlier this year virtual training behemoth, Zwift, unveiled the very first dedicated esports competition featuring professional cycling teams: the KISS Super League. 

The invite only league hosted on Zwift consists of UCI Pro Continental teams, UCI Continental teams, as well as community-level teams. Since the league began in January, much discussion has taken place on how to create a level playing field among racers when considering the array of hardware options. 

In spring this year, rumours circled that the award-winning Wattbike Atom smart bike was not permitted for use in the KISS league. We understand that, as the most accurate and reliable indoor trainer, trusted by world-class athletes and teams throughout the world, this may have caused some uncertainty about Wattbike products. 

We’ve worked with Zwift to be able to clarify this decision for our Wattbikers and the eSports community. 

Philippe Bourdarias, VP of eSports Operations, says: "The KISS Super League was a closed, invite-only exhibition league featuring professional and amateur teams. Smart trainers were selected for use in this league to allow professional riders to use the bikes provided by their sponsors. 

“Wattbikes can continue to be used in Zwift races, including the Zwift Classics. No information around equipment for the KISS Super League was externally communicated by Zwift.”

Richard Baker, Wattbike CEO, adds: “We’re pleased to be able to give our Wattbikers assurances on the reasoning behind hardware use in the KISS SL. The Wattbike Atom meets the 'Zwift Certified' standard. This is Zwift’s mark for both smart trainers and smart bikes that ensure an excellent Zwift experience, which we are continually working alongside Zwift to achieve.  

“Wattbike is one of the few hardware manufacturers that have independent verification and validation of our accuracy and reliability. We’re proud to be the selected trainer to facilitate the UCI’s Talent ID testing protocol as a result.”