Commercial Fitness
"The most precise, high quality, personalised training tool I have found. Whether it's performance on the road, the pitch or just life in general, the Wattbike is the magic ingredient. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Nic Gill - New Zealand Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach

Commercial Fitness

On the Gym Floor

Want to have access to the same training tools as the world’s best athletes from TdF winners to rugby world cup winners, now you can. The Wattbike is the most versatile piece of equipment on the gym floor for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Suitable for all levels of fitness from the deconditioned right up to elite athletes, the Wattbike is the most effective tool for testing and monitoring performance with a complete range of tests built in to the Performance Monitor. Club members can quickly and safely individualise their personal power and heart rate training zones and track their progress no matter what their goal, exactly like professional athletes.

Providing more usable training data than all other indoor bikes, the Wattbike is the only choice for those looking to improve their performance, plus it actually feels like riding a bike! The Wattbike is incredibly adaptable and is perfect for every type of session from warm up and cool downs to HIIT workouts and even injury rehabilitation.

All Wattbikes are factory calibrated to the same level ensuring you can test and train with absolute confidence. Using the live training zone display, riders are always working at the correct intensity meaning they will achieve their training goals faster on a Wattbike than any other piece of equipment.

If you want your members to achieve real results, the Wattbike is the only option.

In our fitness facilities we’re now creating Wattbike ‘zones’, often with digital screens to enable group training, competitive races and ‘Power Cycling’ classes. Members can benefit from 1-2-1 and group Wattbikes sessions that are both challenging and engaging and in addition can spend time with our personal trainers to accurately measure their current fitness levels and the impact their training is having.

Rick Crawford, Nuffield Health

In the Studio

Until now, an indoor cycling class meant a fixed wheel, an uncomfortable riding position and guesswork. Now, with Wattbike Power Cycling, all of this has changed. The Wattbike is the only indoor bike with Real Ride Feel technology and the only indoor bike that can truly replicate the feel of riding out on the road. Accurate, reliable data ensures every rider has the feedback available to train at the right intensity for them in every session. Whether in small groups on the gym floor or in a 30 bike studio, the Wattbike is the only choice for indoor cycling.

Power Cycling software displays the data from all the bikes in your class on a big screen giving both the instructor and rider the feedback needed to deliver the perfect cycling session. With Power Cycling, everyone can enjoy a bespoke, tailored training session in a motivating group environment. Indoor cycling has never been so specific, so effective and so enjoyable. Now everyone can train like the pro’s with Power Cycling.

The main reason we chose the bikes is their ability to cater for the very fit and the very unfit. In the UK we have a growing market of cyclists and triathletes who appreciate the performance elements of training on the Wattbike, but we also have members who are just beginning to understand the benefits of power training.”

Michelle Dand, David Lloyd Leisure

Personal Training

Personal training should be exactly that, personal. The Wattbike gives personal trainers all the tools needed to test and monitor clients with accurate, reliable data and create bespoke workouts that really get results.

The Wattbike is suitable for all levels of fitness so is the perfect tool for every personal trainer. Whether the goal is improved fitness, weight management or cycling specific, the Wattbike is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment available today.

The Wattbike has moved my coaching business up by a number of levels – there is nothing else out there to match it, in my opinion. I have also recommended it to clients because the Wattbike will transform the way you train – every session can be measured, there is no wasted time and you will get faster.

Tim Ramsden, BlackCat coaching

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